Kıyı Marin Ship Electric Systems

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Kıyı Marin provides installation service for all electrical and automation systems of all marine vehicles.

Service Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance & Repair

Electrical, Electromechanical, Automation and Alarm Systems in the maritime sector with its exoerienced personnel.

Engineering and Project

Engineering & Project

Kıyı Marin, Engineering and projeting, with experience and knowledge in the maritime sector, in turn-key energy and automation projects.

Sales and Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Kıyı Marin Supplys all kinds of marine type and industrial equipment.

Project Commitment

Project Commitment

In order to meet your fleet needs, our new construction team provides project follow-up, shipbuilding, contracting and subcontracting services.

Kıyı Marin

Who Is Kıyı Marin

With its fast solution and flexible management approach, Kıyı Marin tries to produce the fastest and most effective options for both its solution partners and our end consumers in terms of repair and maintenance. We are assertive about providing the most effective customer satisfaction with our solution service where you can always get answers, and our fast communication channels where you can get answers to your questions.

Our company carries out all kinds of ship and marine vehicle repair, maintenance and repair operations. We do it under one roof with our experienced and expert staff. Kıyı Marin also offers shipbuilding, industrial facility automation, ship security and fire equipment, ship electrical works contracting services.

It provides Hydraulic Works, Deck Maintenance and Repair, Electrical and Electronics, Main Engine and Generator repair and maintenance services.


Products of brands for example; Kiyi Marin, Siemens, Danfos, Abb, Pepperl Fuchs, Honeywell, Weidmuller, Phoenix, Stamford provides
sales and after-sales service to you with its professional technical team.

Kıyı Marin Open 24/7!

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